Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We meet again

Wow, seems like years since I've been on here. Quite frankly, I missed blogging all night and getting pissed off at photobucket for being so god damn slow. Reasons why I'm here is that I realized that blogging during the summer is somewhat of a tradition for me. Another reason is because I felt my linguistic and writing skills were deteriorating, so I figured this would be good exercise for my dumb downed brain of mine. Anyways, since the last time I updated, a lot has happened, some change were good some changes were bad and somethings...just stayed the same. At times I find myself reminiscing about the past and makes me cry a little inside...I don't quite understand but hopefully I will in the near future. Before I began this post I read every single entry I posted on here and it feels completely different from what things are's actually kind of sad in some areas but then again, I've never been this happy before.

Well, just letting you guys know that I'm still alive...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tired and uninspired

At the moment my life is at that "comfortable" state. Everyday is the same routine, it's become so repetitive that I feel like I'm not going anywhere. So one night after my parents "meeting" at our house, I came down hearing my dads ipod playing. On his ipod was playing Christmas music! Oh how my heart filled up with so much joy! (cheesy moment) So I blasted that shit and just started dancing and singing along while Rodney just laughed and joined with his famous booty shaking. It reminded me that my favorite part of the year is coming up . The part where all of the holidays are lined up, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years! Is it weird that I get so giddy? Well as I was saying about how life is a bit bland at the moment but don't get me wrong, I love how my life is and I do realize I should keep in mind that I need to "work and then play", but I just have to be more patient about finding out what's in store for my future. Sigh...

Buuuuut back to being all giddy now lol I seriously LOVE the cold! Maybe not FREEZING cold but you know what I mean. Just breathing in that cold fresh air is so invigorating! It's also my favorite fashion season, scarves, gloves,long sleeves, tights, ankle boots, boots in general, coats, jackets,hats, etc. etc. Now I just need to buy all those things, anyone up for fall/winter shopping ;)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wait, let me explain myself

So...reason why I don't blog as much is basically cause I am TOO DAMN LAZY! I've said this plenty of times before I'm sure (ha that rhymed =D) but never really explained why. I take A LOT of picture of my day sometimes and I actually put time in editing them (not photoshoping, there is a diffrence lol =] ) then I have to upload them on slow ass photobucket, LASTLY I have to put them on here. Well...there you go.

Damn, I should be doing my ART2D homework like Rodney. I love using my Microns but they give me hand cramps! =( I'll post up our final projects...maybe.

さよなら suckaaaaas!!
I need to calm down...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Temporomandibular joint disorder

So,I found out that I have a disorder... a temporomandibular joint disorder also known as TMJ. Perfect.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Tokyo <3

Finally finished uploading the pictures from Little Tokyo three weeks ago ONLY but the rest will come...eventually. Well T.J., Rodney, Reann, Nikki, and I were in the mood in singing kareoke at Little Tokyo. We would use Rodney's but thing is that we sang pretty much all of the songs we know on there due to limited selections of songs. Before we got to the Honda center where the kareoke bar was, we picked up a few things. Ichiiko, oh Ichiiko, why did you make me smash on all those snacks Rodney and T.J. bought! At least I wasn't alone =) After singing our hearts out (especially T.J) we headed back home but of course not without eating at a sit down! On the way back the Trios just were having a party in the back of the van, dancing in our seats and singing along with T.J and his co-pilot Rodney. The night ended with...wait nevermind I don't remember that part... Anyways on with the show!

That thing on the left side is Re-ann's tongue

Pilot and co-pilot
Yet again, typical hahaha

On the way to Little Tokyo
Trios <3

ほんだ Center

Kareoke +

Ichiiko +


...this! hahah

Down the hatch

hatches is more like it

I was just killing those strawberry Hi-Chews and apple gummys!

Still killin them...

hahahah! This fool...

Rodney my love, you are too funny...hahaha

Ichiiko made me red and ripped =(
It's ok! He was our driver for the night.

Oh how I miss you so Nikki!! <3>
I don't remember taking this...

I also don't remember what we were looking at

"You're a jerk" ...She is though, just kidding Re-ann! >:)

Hi baby, how you feeling? =)

わたしは の おにいちゃん!




My blogs previous template got messed up...dammmmnnn iiittt! I TRIED to fix it but there was no use. So thus...this new look for my blog.

And yes, it's Chouji-kun...again. =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today I am now a Momo's Sushi AND Sakura Ichi server

Recently I've been hired at Momo's Sushi as a server for every Friday and Saturday nights. Although, before I found Momo's I submitted an app at Sakura Ichi buuut I gave it to them about 3 weeks before and just got a call yesterday. So, I was a bit suprised because usually after a week without a call, you pretty much didn't get the job. Well, the manager did mention he was on Anyways, I still work at Momo's but only Saturday nights and my first day at Sakura's is Tuesday morning. Come visit one day! =)

I will advertise for Momo's later :) hahaha


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